Weekly Reflection

An Ancient Symbol Revamped

By February 25, 2016No Comments

NPU’s colorful new logo is puzzling to many. To some it looks like a multicolored ribbon. To others it looks like an “X” and an “O” smushed together. And yet others have creatively tried to find in its lines the letters “NPU”.

In fact, our logo is meant to be a rainbow-colored ichthys (pronounced ik-thus). According to some ancient sources, when a Christian met a stranger on the road, they would draw the top arc of the ichthys in the soil. If the stranger responded by drawing the bottom arc, they recognized each other as sisters and brothers in the faith.

Once you see the outline of the ichthys in our logo, you can’t not see it:

A traditional ichthys symbol

What better symbol could there be for our church community than one that stokes curiosity and creative interpretations even as it identifies us as radically loving followers of Jesus!

May we all have eyes to see anew where Christ is in the world around us this week.