Weekly Reflection

Along the Way

By January 21, 2016No Comments

Matthew, Mark, and Luke all tell the story of when Jesus was rushing off to heal a synagogue leader’s daughter, who was on the brink of death. Along the way, Jesus feels power leave from his body so he stops to see who touched him.

Jesus asks the person to come forward and present themselves. Turns out, it was a woman who had been bleeding uncontrollably for 12 years. Seeking healing, she had touched Jesus’ cloak and was instantly made well.

While there are many things to like about this miracle, what I appreciate most about it is its along-the-way-ness. 

Jesus did not set out on his journey intending to help this woman. Rather, a need presented itself so Jesus interrupted what he was doing to offer his healing.

Along the way of our usual routine, a need in our local community has presented itself: a homeless shelter for young adults needs a meal made for its 12 residents next week. If you are available on Wednesday evening, 6:30-8:00pm, we’d love to have you join in making this small miracle possible!