Dear Friend,

Kids being bored in church is nothing new.

The Puritans recognized this. That’s why they designated folks to patrol the aisles of the church with knobbed sticks. If they discovered a child who had fallen asleep during the service, they would THWACK that child awake!

Long before Puritans, the Book of Acts recalls a time when the Apostle Paul droned on and on late into the night. A young boy named Eutychus was sitting in a window and doing his best to pay attention. But Paul was so horribly boring that Eutychus fell asleep, then fell backwards out of a window three stories up!

On June 9th, Hillside Community Church is going to great lengths to remedy this situation with our Youth Sunday Service.

We’ll kick things off with an interactive youth service at 11, followed by an all-church picnic at 12. We’ll supply the burgers and dogs, but we ask that you bring in some other goodies to make it a full-on feast:


I hope you can join us for this special (and entirely non-boring) service!

Grace + Peace

Tom Hathaway, Pastor