Baptism is the Christian ritual of initiation. Water is sprinkled on a person’s head to symbolize the death of their old self – their inward-looking, grudge-holding, power-seeking, injustice-loving self – and the birth of their new self into the way of Jesus.

Who can be baptized?

Hillside baptizes people of all ages – infants, children, and adults. It’s important to note that baptism is a one-time thing. If you’ve been baptized before, you don’t need it done again, even if you change churches.

Should I be baptized?

Baptism isn’t for those who believe they have all the answers. Baptism is for those who simply have a desire to know and love God, and for those who want to raise their children in the way of Jesus. It’s the first step of a journey, not the last.

When can I get baptized?

With advance notice, we can baptize you during any worship service. Just contact us and let us know when you would like to be baptized.