Weekly Reflection

Inextinguishable Love

By March 25, 2016No Comments

I’ve been mulling over Easter’s youth sermon for the past few weeks trying to find that magic mix of message, drama, and entertainment. In the process, I’ve had to shelve some ideas for another year. Though it didn’t make the final cut, one of these shelved messages was too good not to at least tell you about!

The message revolves around one of those trick birthday candles that relights after you blow it out. You might be able to guess where it ends up: try though we humans did (and still do), we can’t blow out the light of Christ.

A predictable message? Perhaps. But isn’t that the message at the very heart of the Easter story: God’s love for us is inextinguishable!

May that inextinguishable love fill your Easter and your hearts to overflowing.