Dear Friend,

We have an exciting line up in store for worship tomorrow.

To kick things off, the Rev. Sarah Hathaway will be preaching, praying, and taking on the “youth message in a bucket” challenge. Sarah is an ordained minister in the PCUSA and is the Director of Spiritual Life at Newbury Court Retirement Community in Concord, MA.

Leading our music tomorrow will be the wonderful David Riordan. David plays piano for the weekly worship service at the Salvation Army and is the author of the recently released The Baker: Prelude.

Rev. Sarah Hathaway
First Lady of Hillside Community Church

David Riordan
Pianist and Author

Even more importantly (although unpictured), our worship will be moved along by the voices of a number of volunteers from our congregation.

I hope you can make it to tomorrow at 10am – it’s gonna be great!

Grace + Peace

Tom Hathaway, Pastor