Dear Friend,

Have you noticed the large number of guests we’ve had in worship lately? Each week, we’ve been blessed by the sight of new faces in our pews.

When we’re joined by newcomers, it may feel like we as a church are getting taken out for a test drive. That’s because we are!

First-time visitors are feeling out whether or not we are the warm, welcoming, and loving church community that we claim to be.

So, as we prepare for Christmas Eve, when we remember how Mary managed to play hostess to the mangy shepherds who showed up on her doorstep just hours after she gave birth, I thought it appropriate to offer these tips for becoming greater greeters: 

  1. Circle of 10: Greet anyone, member or guest, who comes within ten feet of you before or after worship.
  2. Rule of Three: For the first three minutes after worship, talk only to folks you don’t know or people you know are guests.
  3. A Place of Grace: Don’t be embarrassed if you’ve met someone but forgotten their name: own up to it and ask them again! Likewise, don’t be offended if someone doesn’t remember yours.

Here’s to being an even more welcoming community in the year to come!

Grace + Peace

Tom Hathaway, Pastor