Quick thought exercise: Picture someone who is really, really “Christian.” What comes to mind?

Is it someone on a city sidewalk screaming at passersby through a bullhorn about their need to repent?

Is it someone with a stern look on their face, solemnly flipping though the pages of their bible?

Well, during worship this past Sunday, Rev. Wendy gave us the timely reminder that the Christian life is supposed to be one filled with joy: the joy of being loved by God and the joy of sharing that love with others.

And, in fact, when we look at scripture, we see that Jesus’ harshest words weren’t for the partiers, the good-timers. His harshest words were for the joyless rule-followers. because couldn’t appreciate God’s as the gift that it is.

So if you see someone’s who’s practicing their faith in a joyless way, it’s not that they’re REALLY Christian. It’s not that they’re TOO Christian. It’s that they’re not yet Christian enough.