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Last night I was out in Cambridge with the Outdoor Church to hand out water and food to folks in need.

Just as we were about to head into for the night, we ran into a guy named Bobby. Or rather, Bobby ran into us. I mean that quite literally: he was covered in sweat head-to-toe because he had just run to Central Square all the way from Davis Square – about 3 miles – just to get some exercise!

It had been. a couple months since I’d seen him, so we stopped to talk for a bit. In that conversation, Bobby said this:

“I just don’t get people who don’t believe in God and struggle to have faith. I’ve been out here homeless for years and I still do what I can to help other people and make myself better.”

What could I say to that but, “Great point, Bobby!”

Last Sunday we heard a great message from Matt Morrissette about how there is no straightforward way to grow our faith. That is 100% true.

Wouldn’t it be an amazing world if we all took a cue from Bobby and, even those times in our lives when God and faith aren’t making a whole lot of sense to us, we did what we could do to make ourselves and the world better.

Because if we did THAT, we’d already be halfway there.