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Message: “Love’s Revenge” from Rev. Wendy Miller Olapade

Rev. Wendy Miller Olapade - October 17, 2021

Love's Revenge

In our heart of hearts, we LOVE the idea of “an eye for an eye.” But Jesus, in his most well known (and perhaps most impactful) teaching, invites to take a different perspective on justice.

Scripture References: Matthew 5:38-48

From Series: "Sermon on the Mount"

Delivered on a hillside to ordinary people just like us, the “Sermon on the Mount” is the most famous sermon that Jesus ever preached. It covers a wide range of topics like prayer, fasting, money, worry, forgiveness, judging others and more. But the theme that unites this sermon is its constant encouragement for us to go beyond the superficial and search deep into our hearts to see ourselves as God sees us.

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