Thanksgiving Food Drive


1-in-9 Medford residents struggles with food insecurity. This is an issue all year long, but is felt especially acutely during the holiday season.  Hillside Community Church does a food drive in advance of Thanksgiving each year to meet this need. The food we collect is distributed to local food pantries.

This is a sizable operation – we need your help to make it happen! 

Volunteer With Us

Bag Distribution

Sunday, November 13th @ 12p-2p

We need 10 to 20 volunteers to help distribute 1000 bags to homes throughout the Hillside neighborhood. Included with these bags will be a note inviting the recipient to fill it up with Thanksgiving-themed non-perishables and leave it out on their front steps the following weekend.

Food Collection

Sunday, November 20th @ 12p-2p

We need ~10 volunteers and 3 vehicles to collect food bags left out on porches around the Hillside.

Food Distribution

Sunday, November 20th @ 3p-5p

We need 3 to 5 volunteers to greet and help micropantry operators load their cars with collected nonperishables when they come for pickup at Hillside.

Food Delivery

Sunday, November 20th @ 3p-5p
Monday, November 21st @ 4-6pm

We need volunteers to pick up bags of food  on Sunday to help stock micro food pantries before Thanksgiving or help transport food to the Winter Preparedness Event at City Hall on Monday.

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