Your Feelings Don’t Matter

So friends, it’s the week after the election and emotions are running high. The Republicans – well, their team lost  – they’re feeling sad, feeling down, feeling angry. The Democrats – well, their team won – they’re feeling relieved, feeling joyful, feeling a bit smug.

It’s weeks like this that I’m especially thankful that Jesus’s command to love thy neighbor. is not an emotional directive. It’s not telling Jesus telling you to feel all warm and squishy toward your neighbor.

Cuz, let’s be real, Republican or Democrat, there’s good chance your neighbor is a complete jabroni with no likable, let alone lovable, qualities whatsoever.

So when Jesus says to love your neighbor he’s not talking about your feelings. What he’s talking about is an act of will. A conscious choosing to treat your neighbor not as you feel they deserve to be treated, but to treat them with the compassion, dignity, and respect, that is the due of every child of God. regardless of how you feel about them.